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Build your own ring

Ritani is one of the leading online retailer of diamonds. Ritani continues to push the envelope in giving the user complete control over the diamond buying process. “Build Your Own Ring” project helps to push the process to the next level. An engagement ring is a high-stake purchase. Giving buyers the sense of confidence and trust they need when buying one online, requires a special touch. Ritani wanted a site that provided a premium eCommerce experience with an innate sense of quality and service.

As a ring buyer I want to easily view how different stones and settings can be configured so that I can feel confident that my selections will create a ring that will delight its recipient.

Current Build Your Own Ring experience was confusing, outdated and didn’t clearly lead customers to easier ring configurations, wish list, in-store previews or purchase commitments.

The improved “Build Your Own Ring” experience focuses customer action on tangible, clearly understood configuration options without distraction from site content or secondary/tertiary calls to action leading to easier to evaluate/compare configurations when favoriting rings or adding selections to cart.



Refine and deliver an experience that leverages our expertise to help customers easily find the right engagement ring. Introduce new brand.

Usability Testing

By testing the product at an early stage, helped us iron out problems and gain feedback for future iterations.


Enhance brand content, showcase the unique value proposition of the products throughout the experience, present a unique brand story that helps drive more rapid purchase decisions.


An MVP sets the stage for future iterations of development and clarify the successive steps to take on the project – whether that’s changing directions entirely or continuing down your set development path. It is simply the fastest way to get through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop with the minimum amount of effort.
Through improving the customer’s Build Your Own Ring experience, Ritani aims for the following 5 objectives:
  • Improvements to Add To Cart conversion
  • Improve general conversion
  • Improvements to Add To Wish List engagement
  • More effectively target Millenial buyer demographic
  • Be competitive

Visual identity

The visual identity says as much about us as our brand voice and the two always work in harmony. The color palette is composed of our primary gold and supported by dark blue. White backgrounds and open space play important roles in our visual communication. White serves as a clear canvas that allows our colors, text, and imagery to stand out. White also brings a clean, modern sensibility to our look and enhances the presentation of the user interface.


Replacement of existing Build Your Own Ring workflow with improved workflow including:

  • Product Detail Page experience on either desktop or mobile devices with responsively designed interface.
  • Utilization of sliders, pop-ups and other animation transitions will delight and entice customers to quickly assemble configurations without distraction or competing calls to action.
  • Simpler and clarified on screen representation of key diamond & setting characteristics, imagery & video content.
  • Easier pathways to Wishlist options and Purchase Cart choices.
  • A/B Split Testing of new workflow behavior against legacy workflow behavior.

Mobile experience

By improving the Built Your Own Ring mobile experience, Ritani stands to realize substantial improvements in positive website content engagement subsequence choices to add inventory to wish lists, Free In-Store Purchase and Purchase cart thereby increasing the potential for actual bottom-line revenue generation with each increase to key steps in Ritani’s conversion funnel.

See Prototype

Usability Testing

Over the course of 7 days we tested the MVP with over 45 qualified users.
• 10 women who are working with their partner to choose a ring
• 17 males who are working with their partner to choose a ring
• 18 “solo” males who are going to propose without her involvement in the ring purchase
• Annual household income of 75K or higher
• Ring budget of 2K or higher
• Ages 23-45

User feedback

“Horizontal Tabs” – layout proved during testing to be the worst performing layout and navigation pattern. The collapsed nature of  “Horizontal Tabs” makes it difficult for users to accurately predict how much, or little, content is available on the product page and within each tab.

  • The filter were hard to digest and overwhelming. The educational content was hard to find.
  • When using the filters, the results were under the fold and the user wanted to see the product results populating right away.

After starting customizing the diamond, the user stated that was not clear how long the entire activity will take. What’s the current status and how close the user is to complete the task.

What have we learned?

We need more tests: this initial testing showed that it’s worth continuing our investigation. So far, the users like the overall experience, but there are some disruptions, but the path forward isn’t clear cut.

MVP 2 Goals

  • Higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.
  • Introduce new brand and design system, keep consistency across entire experience.
  • Enhance brand content, showcase the unique value proposition of the products throughout the experience, present a unique brand story, enhanced images, that help drive more rapid purchase decisions.
  • Present the user a more efficient filtering system, that it allows the user to accurately assess the available product range, compare those products.
  • Focus on educating the user about diamonds in the basic and advanced filters. Provide tips and visual cues.
  • Present the user with a progress bar to minimize user tension, provide feedback to the user about what is happening within a reasonable amount of time, then A/B Split Testing of new workflow behavior against legacy workflow behavior.
  • Present the user with sufficient product information to adequately assess a product’s suitability.
  • Provide the user with adequate visual product information like good product thumbnails which a key role in the user’s search and selection of products.
See MVP 2